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smallcases are intelligent baskets of right stocks that are managed by Qovar Research Desk

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Eswar Suryanarayan represents the team at Qovar Advisors and is proficient in portfolio management, performance measurement & attribution, and has a breadth of knowledge in quantitative methods. In a career spanning 20 years, he has progressed through different roles in Financial Services and Asset Management Industries. Eswar is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Mysore, a Post Graduate from IIIT-B and holds a Financial Risk Management certification from IIM-Bangalore

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Frequently asked questions

What are the products offered?
Qovar Advisors has three products on offer for investors with different risk taking abilities, Steady – for the conservative, Balanced – for the investor with moderate risk taking ability, Aggressive – for investors willing to take substantially higher levels of risk, While the underlying approach for portfolio construction is largely the same, the risk adjusted return is characterized by the investable universe for each of the three products and the risk-return optimization methods during the portfolio construction process.
What is their investment philosophy?
Current market conditions and a changing correlation structure warrant an ‘Active Management’ approach to identify market inefficiencies to deliver attractive returns for investors. This investment philosophy advocates holding investments in different proportions than that of the index, "overweighting" companies which are expected to do better than the rest and "underweighting" those that have less appealing prospects. It also chooses to hold companies that are not in the index itself or avoid owning securities in the benchmark altogether., Extensive use of technology and computing horsepower in the stock selection process, to compute expected returns of stocks in the investable universe using quantitative methods, and to construct optimal portfolios using industry standard algorithms enable us to be unbiased in our decisions and consistent with our performance., Portfolios are constantly monitored for Performance and Risk and are rebalanced annually or when the portfolio characteristics drift from their intended values.,
What is a smallcase?
A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs* in a specified weighting scheme that reflects a certain objective (ideas, themes, strategies), backed by the research of Qovar. You can invest in a smallcase in 2 clicks., *ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are baskets of securities that track an underlying index (Nifty, Gold, etc) and can be bought and sold on the exchange.
Who can subscribe to these smallcases?
Qovar decides who can invest in the smallcases created by them and can create two types of smallcases :, Exclusive smallcases : smallcases which require a subscription to Qovar’s Advisory in order to invest in the smallcase. You can subscribe to a smallcase directly from the smallcase profile through the subscription form., Public smallcases : smallcases in which anyone who has an account with our partner brokers can invest. You can invest in this smallcase by clicking on “Buy smallcase” in the smallcase profile and logging with your broker credentials.,
How do I track my smallcases?
When you buy a smallcase, the index value is set to 100 on the buy day - this helps you track the total returns without having to monitor each stock. You can also use the performance metrics to get a more detailed understanding of your smallcase.
Are there lock-in periods?
There are no lock-in periods, so you may sell your smallcases anytime. As a concept however, smallcases work best when used for long-term investing.
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